Empowering Agents of Change


As a former at-risk teen who later became a middle and high school teacher, Kimyung Kim understands the needs of today’s youth.  His mission is to help young people by changing the culture inside their schools. His message is geared toward the entire student body, and challenges all students to be an agent of change right where they are.

Kimyung is not your typical youth motivational speaker.  He livens his audiences with rapping, spoken word poetry and comedy.  All the while, he speaks from the heart and connects with students by being fully authentic about his own life story.  Keeping them engaged throughout his presentation, he shares transparently about good times and bad times alike, inspiring and empowering them to tap into the same life-changing principles that have helped him become a person of character who lives to make a difference.  Students are captivated by his message, listening intently as he helps them understand their self worth, change their attitudes about how they treat each other, and discover that they can make a difference in the world around them.

Words of Wisdom

Turning Negatives into Positives

I volunteer at a nonprofit called Kate’s Club in Atlanta. The mission of the organization is to help children (ages 5-18) deal with the loss of a parent or sibling. They do exercises to help them process their grief, give them a space where they can grieve together, experience community, and of course, play together. […]  Read More

GASC Leadership Summit (Fun Video)

I’m the GASC Keynote Speaker at the Leadership Summit Nov. 17. If you’re school is involved with GASC, c’mon out, it’ll be a blast. For more info go to http://www.gasconline.net/leadership-summit.html  Read More

Chuck Norris Jokes I Wrote

I wrote some Chuck Norris jokes. 1. Chuck Norris beat Eminem in a battle rap, with one line, which was ‘I’m Chuck Norris!’ 2. When Chuck Norris takes steroids, they make him weaker. (just kidding, nothing can make Chuck Norris weaker) 3. Chuck Norris is heavily influenced by Martin Luther King Jr. Which explains why […]  Read More

My hope for all students is that they understand their own value and how to live a life that is optimal. I do this by helping them realize that their lives are guided by their attitudes and subsequently their choices. i want them to understand that they are the agents of change in their own world and challenge each student to live up to their potential.